PRO SPECIAL PENHOLD: Stiga Eternity VPS with Stiga Mantra M

$195.85 $149.95
Brand: Stiga
Type: Penhold: 2-Side
Speed: 92
Spin: 97

Blade: STIGA Stiga Eternity VPS (penhold style)
Rubber: STIGA Mantra M (Max sponge)
Playing Style: Offensive Spin In Stock


The Stiga Eternity VPS Penhold style blade is assembled with Stiga Mantra M rubber with Max mm sponge thickness.

THE PENHOLD BLADE: The Stiga Eternity VPS penhold style blade was developed in close collaboration with the Chinese National Team to suit today's modern game. It has special temperature treated middle veneers (VPS) which reduces vibrations and gives great stability.

THE RUBBER: The Stiga Mantra M rubber with Max mm sponge creates high speed with great hitting power, while also producing extreme spin when desired.

OVERALL: Together this combination gives the player the upper hand in spin-spin topspin rallies. It is the ideal choice for spin dominating offensive players.

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