PRO SPECIAL: Stiga Allround Classic with Mendo Energy

$104.85 $84.95
Brand: Stiga
Type: Shakehand
Speed: 74
Spin: 89

Blade: STIGA Allround Classic (flared Legend handle)
Rubber: STIGA Mendo Energy (Max sponge)
Playing Style: Classic Allround In Stock


The Stiga Allround Classic blade with flared (Legend) handle is assembled with Stiga Mendo Energy rubber with Max sponge thickness.

THE BLADE: The Allround Classic is definitely a classic! A perfect balance between speed, weight, and feel lies behind the Allround Classic's enormous popularity among allround and novice players.

THE RUBBER: The Stiga Mendo Energy has been developed in cooperation with world leading players to develop a power-soft rubber that creates maximum friction on the ball.

OVERALL: This blade and rubber combination is ideal for all allround players, and it is especially recommended for those looking for their first competition paddle.

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I bougth this paddle and rubers to give to my daugtherīs first raquet. It is well assambled and perfectly finished. This product was delivered rigth on time.


great starter blade, still quite competitive at intermediate level

I wish that when I first started Table Tennis I bought this combination instead of those $20-$40 pre-made ones. To actually enjoy the game and establish good fundamentals, you need good equipment. I feel the Classic surprasses that minimum requirement by a fair margin without being too fast or hard too control. Even after one has establish good fundamentals, one can remain very competitive with this combo.

- Chris, CA