Paddle Palace Power Pong Omega Robot

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Paddle Palace Power Pong Robot: Elevate Your Table Tennis Skills
We are excited to introduce you to the Paddle Palace Power Pong Robot – a cutting-edge training tool that will revolutionize your practice sessions and propel you towards success on the table.

The Power Pong Robot, available exclusively at Paddle Palace, is a game-changer in the world of table tennis. Discover the incredible advantages it offers and why it's a must-have for players of all skill levels:

- Lifelike game simulation, replicating speed, spins, and challenges of a real match
- 3-wheel design with its outstanding ball placement system is a superior solution for
  delivering realistic drills with different types of serves, producing much
  heavier spin than any other design on the market
- Customizable training sessions allow you to create personalized drills
- Wide selection of pre-set options to focus on specific skills such as footwork, backhand,
  and serve returns, plus point creation
- Seamless drill sharing feature, enabling you to send customized drills to teammates,
  friends, or coaches instantly
- Versatile and adaptable, ensuring progression and success in your table tennis journey

The Paddle Palace Power Pong OMEGA Robot
3-wheel-head robot that can be operated with the tablet, control box and also with your own device (iPhone, iPad or Android)

• Android Tablet
• Catch net to recycle balls for continuous play
• Paddle Palace J-Top Bulk Pack (120) high quality training balls
• Mini key-fob remote control to start/stop robot and change ball frequency

• Create drills with up to 8 balls with different types and amounts of spin, speed, trajectory, and placement
• Speed, spin, and placement of each ball can be adjusted individually
• Use tagging to identify different sets of drills for each family member
• Share drills with coaches and players from the app
• Set a ball’s placement just by dragging it on the screen
• The ball’s trajectory is automatically calculated using the given speed, spin and placement.
  Easy to adjust to your individual needs.
• Produce no-spin balls
• Search for drills using tags, drill names, or common properties like spin type or ball count
• Randomize drills for irregular play to make ball placement less robotic
• Mirror drills for opposite-handed players
• Run drills at up to 120 balls per minute for any duration
• Unlimited memory slots for saving your favorite drills
• Grouping drills together to be played one after the other or randomly.
  Each of these drills can start with a different type of serve
• 45 pre-programmed drills are included and can be changed or adjusted

Paddle Palace Power Pong robots are made in Hungary at a factory known for its excellent quality. They come with an excellent warranty and are supported by reliable US-based technical support service.

3-Year Parts and Labor Warranty
Paddle Palace Power Pong offers 3 years parts and labor warranty and that includes a quick fix or replace service. In the very rare cases when something goes wrong, Paddle Palace Power Pong will fix or replace your machine and send it back to you within couple of days after receiving it. Warranty does not cover misuse of product. Parts are guaranteed to be available within 5 years of purchase.

10-Day Return Policy
Paddle Palace Power Pong robots can be returned within 10 days. Please see our return policy. A restocking fee of 15% of the robot price will apply. Returned robots must be in the original package in clean resalable condition.