Paddle Palace Robot Table Top Pro

Brand: Paddle Palace

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Paddle Palace Table Top Pro is an affordable and quality table tennis robot that delivers strong and consistent topspin, underspin, and sidespin shots. It is simple to use and is jam free.

The frequency and speed of the shots are controlled by convenient robot controls on the player's side of the table. It can be set to hit to one spot on the table, or you can set it to oscillate. It can be set to shoot serves or rally shots. It can be placed on any location on the table, or it can be set on a stand behind the table (stand not included). A ball collection net is available for an extra charge. The Paddle Palace Table Top Pro is the easiest robot to set up and use that we have ever seen!

* Versatile, shoots from any location on the table
* Outstanding topspin, underspin, sidespin
*Can Oscillate or shoot to Fixed point
* Set for serves or rallies
* Easiest robot to set up and use

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