Pro Table Tennis Serve Receives DVD

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Serve receive is the most difficult part of competitive table tennis. This dvd shows over 250 examples of service returns executed by some of the best players in the world. The most popular options for receiving specific serves are included.

The DVD is organized according to the type of service that is to be returned, whether long, short, underspin or topspin, to the forehand or the backhand. Alpha Productions shows the serve and the receive and how the point plays out. Then the sequence is repeated in slow and stop motion, occasionally employing graphics to illustrate the spin, and then it is played once more at regular speed. Commentary points out some of the significant factors for each receive.
Good for serve receive footage, BAD for learning

This video shows high-definition and slow-motion serves and receives from world-class players. Thats the good part. The bad part is that they describe the serve and receive, but dont actually give any instruction of how to receive, when to use a certain receive against a serve, etc. This video is really just a series of clips with narration of whats happening--no actual instruction. If you want to learn, you can get better content for free elsewhere online or in books.

- Byron White, MI