DHS Skyline 2 NEO

Item# RCS2N
Brand: DHS
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 82
Spin: 94
Control: 74
Hardness: Hard



The technology in Skyline 2 NEO can create strong and changeful spin by both friction and deformation methods. The ball on impact can penetrate into "NEO" sponge, which transfers the energy to give players power to create more aggressive spin.
not as good as the reviews say

it is cheap but it is not economical to buy this because after 20-30 hours of playing the rubber was detached from the sponge. pay extra money for a more durable rubber. average spin, good control, low speed

Replaced my Sriver butterfly

I have been playing table tennis for the past 18 years but only a few of those professionally. I used the sriver butterfly for almost 10 of the 18 and used a stag thunderspin on my forehand after that. Both those rubbers had similar characteristics. However, I found them lacking in speed and spin after rejoining the local club. This rubber had more of what I wanted and the price was pretty good. Initially, it was a bit of struggle because it was more tacky than my previous rubbers but now it feels great. The throw angle is a bit high but works perfectly for the use of my forehand which is primarily for looping and top spin. The speed is definitely better on my nittaku tesura 5 ply bought at paddle palace again. Awesome rubber for the price.


Great Spin

This is a great rubber for looping with. It is pretty easy to place the ball with except for blocks. When I block It isn't necessarily the tackiness of the rubber as much as the loss of speed (which is good when blocking close to the net) that throws me off. It takes some time to get use to but it still throws me off from time to time.