Stiga Allround Classic Carbon


#10 Best-Selling Blade for 2018!
Also available as a popular COMBO SPECIAL!


The Stiga Allround Classic Carbon table tennis blade advances the modern allround game to a new level! The world famous Allround Classic is updated with two carbon layers, resulting in extra stability when attacking and more speed. Allround Classic Carbon has the classic Stiga design, but gives the allround player an extra edge for the new era of table tennis.

Take your allround game to the highest level!
Good all around

I am basically new to the competitive game. I have been alternating between the Juic Stellan Bengtsson alpha, and this Stiga. They are both very good all around blades, but I am not a seasoned competitor. I believe that the Juic has a bit more control, and thus I favor it. I think that in the right hands, this Stiga is perfectly fine. When I crack a good loop, it seems awesome. But It is a bit trickier than the Juic. Stiga has a nice professionally made feel

- Richard, NM