Stiga Calibra Tour H

$49.95 $37.95
Brand: Stiga
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 94
Spin: 91
Control: 70
Hardness: Hard

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Calibra Tour H has a hard sponge. Equipped with the brand new APS-technology, it provides very high speed and the fantastic possibility to shape your shots with the increased spin features. The APS technology (Advanced Pimple Structure) with straight shaped pimples (smooth surface) makes the rubber adapt to the ball like never before and provides an explosive and spinny rubber that is reliable in every situation.

Calibra Tour H is suitable for players with strong hitting power who need a rubber with built-in speed glue effect that is reliable in all situations. Enjoy the ultimate precision-shot-making experience!

Calibra H Stiga

I've used MarK V for many years. I finally switched. This rubber is very fast and hard. Good spin , but not too much arc on the loops. Very good for close or mid range distance players ! Flat hits are powerful !

Howard E. Lee