Stiga DNA Platinum S

Brand: Stiga
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 94
Spin: 98
Control: 70
Hardness: Medium



Stiga DNA Platinum is the latest addition to STIGA's DNA series that features a new generation of table tennis rubbers from Germany. The unique rubber composition provides an excellent grip, allowing the player to strike the ball from really challenging angles. The short pimples together with the thin top sheet means that DNA Platinum can accommodate a thicker sponge (up to 2.3 mm), which gives you additional speed and power in the game. Thanks to the PSC (Power Sponge Cell) technology, you get a longer ball trajectory with more power in your stroke and an aggressive arc in loop play. The sponge pores also enhance the contact between the rubber and the blade, which means that you get that sought-after, crisp sound in your stroke.

- Advanced table tennis rubber with superior grip and spin that allow for strikes from challenging angles.

- A sponge hardness of 42.5 degrees gives you increased feeling and ball control without significant loss of speed.

- A thinner top sheet can accommodate a thicker sponge, thus offering more speed and power.

- It features shorter pimples for greater surface contact between sponge and blade.

- Power Sponge Cells for increased catapult effect and optimal power.

- A unique rubber compound with long durability and a clear, crisp sound.

- Made in Germany and developed in collaboration with the Chinese national team.