Stiga Ebenholz NCT V

$169.95 $118.95
Item# SSEB5N
Brand: Stiga
Class: OFF
Speed: 91
Control: 67
Blade Weight: 87
Plies: 5w
Blade Thickness: 5.9
Blade Handles: FL, ST
Material: All Wood



A speed elastic blade like Stiga Ebenholz NCT V is suitable for all playing strategies of modern table tennis. The high quality and unique combination of the best wood plies in Ebenholz NCT V guarantees ambitious players maximum control even with many variations of speed and strokes. The Ebenholtz NCT V is a well-balanced state of the art blade that enables players of all abilities to play to their full potential. 5-ply all wood blade.

Stiga NCT Wood: Changing the Way the Game is played.

The Stiga NCT blades use the latest technologies -- it is designed for the new era that begins with the ITTF speed glue ban in 2008. In fact, it employs a secret ingredient which testing has shown helps you hit the ball harder and increases the life of the blade. The new era of table tennis has started at Stiga: has it with you?
Exceptional Customer Service, Beautiful Blade

I mainly want to comment on the customer service I received when purchasing this blade. I was picky about the color and finish that I wanted since I was going to pay so much for a blade. James @PP took pictures of the different blades they had in stock so that I could see them before I ordered and be satisfied. Top notch customer service, Sir James. As for the blade, this particular specimen was the old plastic tag with lacquering. The finish was flawless--no raw or sharp areas at all. The feeling in play reminded me of Donic's senso handle due to it being hollow, but the balance was wonderful nonetheless. Great sense of feedback and great in looping. Though the price is a little high, IMO.


Mixed blessing.

I first want to say that I recently ordered 3 blades from Paddle Palace, and all three were the precise weight I asked for. Their service is excellent and Id recommend their store to anyone. Regarding Stiga and the Ebenholz NCT V: At first, I was totally disappointed with Stiga. The blade came out of the box very, very raw. The handle gave me a splinter and there was frayed wood along the edges of the blades head. It was as if no effort was put into finishing this blade at all. Normally it wouldnt matter with a less expensive blade, but for $130 I want near perfection. However, once touched-up and glued-up with some Hurricane and Coppa Platin, my disappointment vanished. This blade is beautiful in every way. The short game is easy to control, blocking is nice, and there is plenty of power at any distance. The feel of this blade is incredible; Ive never experienced anything like it before. I think Stiga should be chastised for selling such a high-dollar product in such a rough, unfinished condition. Nonetheless, they should also be commended for making a blade that plays absolutely beautifully. Were it not for the shoddy finish of the blade, I wouldve given it 5 stars instead of 4.

- Anton Chigurh, OR

Paddle Palace asked STIGA Sweden to comment on Ebenholtz handle

Concerning the question about the Ebenholz handle-- Yes, we have a hole inside the Ebenholz blades handle and that is to lower the weight of the blade and also to get the right balance of the blade. The first Ebenholz prototypes we sent to Chinese National Team we had no hole in the handle, and they strongly suggested to have one in order to have better weight and better balance.

STIGA Sweden