Stiga Ebenholz NCT VII

Item# SSEB7N
Brand: Stiga
Class: OFF+
Speed: 95
Control: 62
Blade Weight: 89
Material: All Wood



Once again Stiga’s technicians have shown their expert skills and workmanship in creating this 7-ply masterpiece, the Stiga Ebenholz NCT VII.

Special hand selected high quality wood plies of different hardness are combined, along with a secret ingredient--all to ensure precision, power, control, and most of all, enjoyment when you head out to the table.

Because of its extreme speed and stiffness, this Ebenholz NCT VII is the answer for players who want to achieve optimum acceleration without speed glue.
Best Service Ever

After experiencing a problem with my blade I contacted Paddle Palace and without hesitation they gave me a blade of my choice. Thats what I call great service .


Excellent blade!!!!

I used this blade for 6 month now with boost ts on both sides and with inova premium. Seriously this blade is awesome!!!! Many power !!!!

Paddle Palace asked Stiga Sweden to comment on Ebenholtz handle

Concerning the question about the Ebenholz handle-- Yes, we have a hole inside the Ebenholz blades handle and that is to lower the weight of the blade and also to get the right balance of the blade. The first Ebenholz prototypes we sent to Chinese National Team we had no hole in the handle, and they strongly suggested to have one in order to have better weight and better balance.

Stiga Sweden

Ebenholz Reviews

Go to mytt.net forum or oak forum and read hundreds of reviews about this blade from blade owners. 98% says this blade is no where as fast as the rating suggests ,it is slow as well as it is WRB.Take a look read for yourself.I purchased mine from Paddle Palace.

My favorite blade

This Ebenholtz VII is my favorite blade after experimenting with hundreds. It is fast but I find I can still get hang on my loop and good placement on the ball. I recommend this with the Boost TX Max.


Stiga Ebenholz nct V11

This balde came with high expectations the workmanship is superb a very pretty well made blade ,however that craftsmanship does not match its playability ,this blade lacks power and I would rate these blades more in the off - category because of its lack of speed I have owned two of these blades and in terms control this blade is where it is at as there is nothing special about this blade,keep your money stiga have far better blades than this.

- Chris Banfield, FL

Stiga Ebenholz V11

what Stiga failed to mention here on this blade is that it is WRB which is a turn off for this blade.


Extension of thoughts..

Ive been playing for several months with the Ebenholtz 7 ply dressed with Hai Fu Blue Whale, 39 hardness and Butterfly Ekrip, 21mm. The overall performance is extraordinary! My practice coach in Beijing indicated my shots came through with much more energy and staying power. Control and balance are exceptional, a quick change from fast forward loop to a controlled block shot is effortless. One can easily distinguish the sensation that the paddle transmits when delivering the three kinds of loops and a direct smash, the ball becomes an extension of your thoughts...

- Herman W. Ng, NY


Awesome. Enough said.