Stiga Hybrid NCT Penhold

Brand: Stiga
Class: OFF+
Speed: 95
Control: 60
Blade Weight: 89
Plies: 9w
Blade Thickness: 6.4
Blade Handles: C
Material: All Wood
Type: 2-Side

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Chinese-style Penhold version of the Hybrid NCT blade, a dynamic and powerful 9-ply blade with NCT, designed for the modern attacking game. Even though the blade is very fast you will feel a tremendous control and feel during your game.

Stiga NCT Wood: Changing the Way the Game is played.

The Stiga NCT blades use the latest technologies -- it is designed for the new era that begins with the ITTF speed glue ban in 2008. In fact, it employs a secret ingredient which testing has shown helps you hit the ball harder and increases the life of the blade. The new era of table tennis has started at Stiga: has it with you?
Wood Power

Fast,powerful,control and is all wood! .It is a quality factory pre-sealed blade. Great job Stiga.

Amilcar Y.