Stiga Legacy Carbon Penhold

Brand: Stiga
Class: OFF+
Speed: 97
Control: 61
Blade Weight: 84
Plies: 5w, 2c
Blade Thickness: 5.8
Blade Handles: C
Material: Wood + Composite
Type: 2-Side

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Stiga Legacy Carbon is a 5+2-ply carbon blade that combines the new 12k Energy Carbon fiber with three different classic Stiga wood veneers and thicknesses.

The high-end 12k Energy Carbon used in the blade is based on the renowned Spread Tow Carbon fiber technology with 88g of carbon fiber per m2. This creates a lightweight carbon fiber which amplifies the energy of the blade and provides better energy transfer across the entire surface.

For the middle and outer veneer, the combination of abachi and limba wood types provides improved dwell-time, thus greater control and feeling in the short game and demanding situations. The stiffer pine wood used in the second layer increases the trajectory and power, thus providing a well-balanced offensive blade.

Perfect for players who want to constantly put pressure on their opponent with both backhand and forehand offensive strokes.