Stiga Matar

$31.95 $22.95
Brand: Stiga
Type: Shakehand
Class: ALL+
Rubber Type: Smooth

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The Stiga Matar table tennis paddle is stylishly designed and perfectly balanced for determined attacking players wanting precise power. Matar is pre-assembled with Stiga Triumph smooth rubber with 2.0mm sponge thickness.

Flared handle. Speed: ALL+
stiga matar

Wanted to play again after 15+ years, decided on this 3-star racket to replace my 20 year old Stiga 3-star rubbers damaged from prolong storage. Matar felt less solid with a hollow vibration, because its noticeably lighter racket than my old??? Spin & control remembered to be similiar to old, I guess one 3-stars is comparable to another. a 3-star is good game improvement racket for intermediate recreational player. Maybe I am a little better than I remembered, I found that I already outgrew this racket after 20 hours of playing with better players, insufficient spin & pace. And after demoing friends $90 custom racket, I should have spend more on a 5-star or even a lower priced custom from the start.


ive never used this product before, but it looks cool and sounds like its a amazing paddle. try it!