Stiga Metalla

$44.95 $32.95
Brand: Stiga
Type: Shakehand
Class: ALL+
Rubber Type: Smooth



The Metalla table tennis paddle from Stiga features ACS technology. Allows high speed to be combined with maximum elasticity and control. Metalla is pre-assembled with Stiga Future smooth rubber with 2.0mm sponge thickness.

Flared handle. Speed: ALL+
Horrible value for the dollar

Much worse than friends DHS paddles in the same price range, or even than my own old DHS padde. Wobbly construction of the wood makes it impossible to control fast balls - they bounce inelastically with a high error margin, and precision play is impossible. The rubber is cheap, making it very difficult to control and especially return heavy spin, such as slice. I regret having wasted money on this paddle and i dont recommend sub-$50 Stigas to anybody. I have bought an old Stiga and had to upgrade to DHS, and it looks like Ill do it again. Fool me twice - shame on me. It wont happen again. Im giving it 2 stars to reflect the fact that its marginally better than $20 paddles from Sports Authority. However, I feel like Im being very charitable because the paddle costs way more than $20.

- Boris Hayete, MA

Good Paddle for the money and for all but the most serious players

What I liked at first that the paddle is light,121 grams, which is good for those with hand and reach speed that like to play close to the table. Spin and control are good. When playing back from the table the Metalla does require a lot of effort to hit the ball back with any kind of speed and sometimes it feels like the ball is bottomed out against the wood. I think you need to be into serious club play before moving on to something better. If you play at the table and take balls quickly off the bounce you will like this paddle.

- Peter Nachtwey, WA