Stiga Offensive NCT

Brand: Stiga
Class: OFF-
Speed: 85
Control: 69
Blade Weight: 83
Plies: 5w
Blade Thickness: 6.1
Blade Handles: FL, AN, ST
Material: All Wood



The Stiga Offensive NCT blade combines the NCT technology with the features of the popular attacking Offensive Classic blade. Designed for a technical and fast game with full control.

Stiga NCT Wood: Changing the Way the Game is played.

The Stiga NCT blades use the latest technologies -- it is designed for the new era that begins with the ITTF speed glue ban in 2008. In fact, it employs a secret ingredient which testing has shown helps you hit the ball harder and increases the life of the blade. The new era of table tennis has started at Stiga: has it with you?
stiga offensive wood NCT.

I just ordered a Stiga offensive wood NCT from Paddle Palace and I don't like it because on smash I must hit it very very hard to make it go fast..it requires too much effort. My next blade could also be a little bit more heavier. I bought OSP Virtuoso OFF- and I hope this one will work better for me. I also ordered an Tenergy 05FX on my Stiga offensive wood NCT and it is too soft . I think I should have ordered an 05 none FX. FX is too dull or Stiga wood the blade is too dull or both. I think it is BOTH. You hope FX will get you more dwell time but for me it was only dull time. I wonder if I should order a Butterfly Zhang Jike ALC blade or stick with my OSP. I dont want to make another mistake. Give me a few recommendations. I hope to try Huricane neo 3, Xiom Euro Vega or Pro, Tibor Genius or Genius Sound, and yet I hope I can smash good without alot of effort. I think I want to stick with Stiga or Butterfly blades. You get what you pay for with this $50 blade? Tom Sakurai someone email me tomferrari360@yahoo.com for advice

- Tom Sakurai, CA


This is very good blade.Easy to handle,lite but still have the hard feel.Very good balance between speed and control. First I play with tenergymax on both side and this is very fast combination but still with lots of control.Now I playing with ACTOR TSP2.1on FH and DONIC BARACUDA max on BH.Second combination is slower specially on BH but with good spin.Sometimes I have feeling that my tempo on BH is much more weaker than with first combinatio.All in all very good blade for fer price.

- Spasoje Vujanovic, INT