Stiga Rosewood XO

Brand: Stiga
Class: OFF
Speed: 89
Control: 64
Blade Weight: 79
Plies: 5w
Blade Thickness: 5.8
Blade Handles: FL, AN, ST
Material: All Wood



Stiga Rosewood XO: For the attack player with finesse! Built with exclusive Rosewood outer veneers that have been aged and seasoned since the first introduction of Rosewood NCT blades in 2008. The extraordinary high quality wood with its beautiful pattern and excellent construction provides outstanding feeling and touch with a smooth sound, for a performance that is equal to its great beauty. Rosewood XO provides extra speed and feeling compared to the Rosewood NCT V.

Stiga Rosewood XO: For the attack player with finesse!
Stiga Rosewood Blade

For John Lee: please use double sided glue sheet. I had the same problem by using standard water based glue


Playing is believing

As always, James and Judy are always kind and helpful. James picked out the lightest Rosewood XO blade for me at 76 grams. Thank you James! The handle fits my hand better than any other blade I played with recently. The blade/neck transition as well as the thumb rest are perfectly made for my hand. Blade is top heavy with Tenergy 2.1 mm rubbers on both sides, just the way I like it. Build quality is good, although not as good as Nittaku and/or Butterfly. The blade has enough speed and power from any range. Hit with proper and correct technique and this blade will fire bullets. Lifts underspin so easily, I really have to adjust my strokes when playing with it. Light weight provides superior head speed and thus more spin than any other blade. The control is godly. From touch shots, to blocks, lobs, pushes and direction/speed/spin changing loops the blade is unreal and unrivalled. Most satisfying blade I have ever played with, bar none. The blade just plugs into my mind and enables me to execute any shot I wish. It takes practice and a technically proficient player to get the most satisfaction from this fine blade.

- James R, WA

RE: rubber wont stick to this blade

Try using Donic Vario Clean glue available at paddle palace Item #: GDVAR-from my experiance the best glue out there, really holds the rubber and easy to remove... Also make sure to remove any OLD glue from your rubber if its used on I buy a new set of rubber :-

rosewood xo

high quality, good control, easy to play with, only problem rubber wont stick to the blade, anyone know how to solve this problem, please let me know.

John lee