Stiga Stage Rectangular Double Case

Brand: Stiga
Type: Cases

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The Stiga Stage Rectangular Double Case has two separate zipped sections, and can hold 2 paddles. One 2-sided zipper zips around three sides so case can open flat, and other opens halfway around the case. Flat 8" zipped opening on back side with large flat pocket.

Color: Navy with black and white trim.
Good but....

Hello. I've had this case for a couple months now. This case is pretty good but.. I noticed that the middle divider had tore or was torn from it's stitching (close to the zippers)... That's with me being very gentle with it (as I am also very gentle with my paddle). I don't know if I just got a lemon or what. I would NOT recommend this case unless you're okay with the divider separating and potentially becoming like one big pocket instead of two separated pockets. To be fair mine isn't to that point yet. Maybe it just had a weak spot (by the zippers) for some reason. It is after all a thin fabric middle divider. Other than that, the case is nice and feels like good quality aside from that middle divider separating.