Stiga Water Bottle Steel

Brand: Stiga
Type: Gifts

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The Stiga Steel Water Bottle is a sustainably produced metal water bottle with vacuum insulation that keeps your favorite drink ice cold for up to 6 hours.

Top Features:
- Double-wall design keeps the outside free of condensation
- No taste transfer! Use for different beverages (pre-workout/water/protein shake) with no lingering taste
- It has a handle loop, and a wide opening that makes it easy to add ice cubes and easy to clean
- Powder coated for a secure grip even when your hands are slippery and sweaty
- Leakproof and shock-resistant metal water bottle with 550 ml capacity
- Ideal when you play sports or work out
- 100% BPA free

Color: Black steel
Size: 550 ml

** Please note that while this product is dishwasher safe, it should preferably be hand-washed to extend its life.