Butterfly Tenergy 05 FX

$79.99 $67.99
Item# RBT05F
Brand: Butterfly
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 91
Spin: 96
Control: 69
Hardness: Medium-Soft



Butterfly Tenergy 05 FX combines High Tension Technology with a version of Spring Sponge that produces a softer feeling.

Softer Spring Sponge Gives Better Control

Tenergy has proved an outstanding success combining High Tension Technology with Spring Sponge. Tenergy is well known; now there is a further development which maintains high performance levels with greater control.

Tenergy 05 FX is the perfect answer for players who seek heavy topspin and superb control.


Awesome rubber & sponge what more can I say. Can deliver and receive all aspects of the game. Great choice!!! Matches up very well with the favorable Donic Waldner World Champion '89 Blade (the Butterfly Innerforce ZL Series Blades are comparable to this blade). Outstanding service from the Paddle Palace Team as always. No complaints here!


Premier Rubber

If you can afford the high price this rubber is supreme for close/mid table looping. Outstanding for opening loops on BH side. Blocks well, and has better overall control than regular T05. Fast, very spinney, very expensive. The Cadillac rubber for BH. A bit mushy for FH close to table. High throw rubber with good durability. Excellent on composite and wood blades in the OFF- class to OFF+.


Very very very good rubber

Wow, this rubber is the best, control,easy to loop,smash ,speed is good.

Tenergy 05 FX

I just tried out a sheet of 1.9 on a Petr Korbel blade......it was just magic.

- Jo, OR

Lots of spin!!!!

I got one of these used, but I wasnt expecting much. The rubber had a good 6 months of hard use before I slapped it on my backhand. I wanted to test it out prior to spending the big $$$. I was sold just minutes into hitting around. The soft sponge combined with the grippy surface makes for more spin than anything Ive played with to date.

- Jeremy B, PA

Tenergy 05 FX rubber

Compare to reg. 05, FX is much sofer & lighter. I tried on a Bty. ULC blade, hit & loop are just so much easier with 05FX. It is still the best among Spring Sponge generation of rubbers.

- Allan Yeung, AB

love it! Hate it!

Mean power,loudest sound ever. Control is great for a fast rubber. Chop or not to chop? Chops are not easy the angles are very different from most rubber. It serves great . It is very unique. This rubber is a learning experience. Magic sponge, what is that nerf. It has lots of super-powers,but it is not magic wand. Great for hard hitters,not skim shots. Let unlock the secrets.



speed:9.0 spin:9.7 control:6.7 a tad slower than tenergy 05, but spinnier: for the allrounder player and looping.

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