Butterfly Tenergy 80

$79.99 $67.99
Item# RBT80
Brand: Butterfly
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 93
Spin: 94
Control: 69
Hardness: Medium-Hard



Butterfly Tenergy 80 is the ideal balance between spin and speed. Even faster than Tenergy 05 and offering the same speed as Tenergy 25, Tenergy 80 enables all-round topspin play, attack and counterattack regardless of your playing style.

If it does not worth 80 dollar why you all try to force to bring the price down? About spending time with wofe: i feel pity for your wife cause based upon ypur review i bet not only the rubber that you use but your parfume os the cheapest one out there as well.

Excellent spin, speed and good control to boot

Overall this rubber is the best I've played with, hands down. And I've played with quite a few rubbers. Sure, there are cheaper rubbers that match it on a single characteristic, but as a mix it simply shines. In response to all the sour people that complain about the cost: well just don't buy it. But don't whinge about how butterfly should lower prices, this rubber delivers and it costs what it costs. Keep the reviews about the characteristics, and let people decide for themselves what they want to spend. For me, I'd still buy it at twice the price.

- Moi, INT

Get a better rubber for less

In response to the review below, I prefer to get a better rubber, like Tibhar Evolution or Donic Bluefire or Stiga Calibra Tour, and there are others. Tenergy is overrated. For some players it is good but for most players it is not. Use a better rubber and do not base your rubber choice on mystic.


Myth vs reality

Butterfly rubbers have a mythical aura . Even if there are better rubbers in the market Tihbar, Xiom,ect. ,Butterfly is the standard of which all rubbers will be compared to. High price, you can get two outstanding rubbers for the price of one Tenergy. But I tell you, there is nothing like a pair of Butterfly rubbers on your blade, especially the Tenergy 80 , in my opinion in a class by itself. Tenergy has a mythical status, like Ferrari, Patek Philippe. If you can afford them, buy them, you will not be disappointed .

- Ernesto Torres, PR

RE: last reviewer....

If you like Tenergy 80 for its spin & control, you should definitelly try Tibhar Evolution... The Mx-P will give you even better control & much more speed when required. If you really like spin go with the EL-P or FX-P...I like FX-P on my backhand-it plays nice its soft and makes a speed glue sound :- + your oponents will have more trouble when you play with Evolution rubbers than Tenergy,,,, trust me on this one!

- Szwager, INT

A lot better than Tenergy 05 series

This rubber is a lot better than Tenergy 05 and 05fx in control and spin, but it is slower. Personally, I would rather have spin and control over speed, so it works great for me. It is not a cheap rubber but thats almost always the case with Butterfly. I wouldnt be discouraged by those reviews that give one star based only on the price point.

re: REAL review

I totally disagree with last REAL review writer. he/she does not say anything about the characteristics etc...only says it plays better than others, perhaps because u got used to it.... And YES a review is not only the performance how it plays, but also how much it cost, whether its spin speed remian for 2months 6 months. Tenergy are good rubbers but that is just due to the advertising of this rubber. If you read many reviews available online you will learn than many pros are now switching to different rubbers such as for example Tibhar evolution!!! I played tenergy for 3 years and basically got bored, after a while everyone is playing tenergy and it does not suprise anyone with its spin or speed it became an easy rubber to play against.... When I tried Evolution because I heard a lot of players over sea switched to it and I also follow samsonov, I noticed right away it played different that tenergy but it was 100 times more dangerous to my oponnents at the club i usually play! evolution has much better touch it is way faster and also has better spin. tenergy generates spin easily but at the same time service return suffers because the ball pops up more from it than from tibhar evolution. For 80$ a sheet they are just garbage! if a player is 2300 usatt ranked whether he will play with tenergy or rakza or evolution or calibra or blue fire it will be no difference, in other words his oponent will not be shaking just because he uses the FAMOUS Tenergy....which is just a marketing hype. If you will be spending 80$ on a rubber think twice, and maybe instead buy something for your wife/kid or take them to a dinner!


This is actually a review..

Ok, when reviewing an item, you look at how it performs, not how much it costs. This rubber is as expensive as any on the market but that being said, it preforms as advertised. I have experience with 05, 64, acuda and bluefire and I will say with complete certainly that it brings more to the table than any other rubber I have used. I found it to have less power than the bluefire, but I was able to generate more spin than ever before and the control is amazing for the power you can create. I use 2.1 on both sides and even with this thickness blocking and short game is as easy as off of the table looping. The only place it is weak is on chopping because it is very unforgiving on the angle you connect with- however, I do not think most choppers are looking at this rubber anyways. Yes it is expensive but I have found cheaper rubbers to be similar but absolutely not of the same quality. It is closer to 05 than 64 but still somewhere in the middle. If the price tag does not scare you off I promise you will get what you paid for- a powerful rubber with enough gears to handle any situation.

- Alex, KY


This is total waste of money, no difference between 05 and this + it cost 80! there are tons of other rubbers with better price performance ratio.... I switched to TIBHAR evolution and i am much same satisfied than with any tenergy i played except 25$ cheaper... These are my top 5 for European style of play that are not super expensive: tibhar Evolution, stiga calibra sound, stiga almana sound S-tech, tibhar genius or aurus

- Szlagier, INT

Not worth it

No rubber is worth $80! Dont buy it. Force Butterfly to bring their prices down!