Tibhar Blue Spirit Shoes

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Item# HTBS
Brand: Tibhar

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The Tibhar Blue Spirit shoes are the perfect shoe made for table tennis! They offer optimal floor contact and grip, giving you excellent control for rapid and short movements. These quality, longlasting shoes have a seamless and flexible upper mesh fabric.

Composition: Advanced PU / Mesh
Euro Sizes: 36, 37
Color: blue with green trim

I was very disappointed with these shoes. The insole is thin, hard, and had a ribbed texture for extra discomfort. The mesh started ripping and fraying in various areas after a month (I play once a week for a few hours). The mesh material is also so thin that while lacing up these shoes on two separate occasions the holes for the laces ripped and I had to make new holes. The only good thing about these shoes is the grip, which works well on specialized table tennis floors and somewhat decent on concrete. These are literally the WORST shoes I've ever bought and at this price point, Tibhar should be ashamed of themselves.

Very comfortable

I like these shoes a lot. They are a lot more comfortable than Butterfly and Mizuno shoes I've had in the past. They look less dorky than most other table tennis shoes as well. They just look like a normal pair of sneakers really. The toe box is slightly less wide than other brands I've tried, which I actually like. The grip on these is good on wood floors and probably even better on proper rubberized table tennis flooring. The vents and air holes in the soles help keep your feet cool and dry. When I first got the shoes and was putting the laces in, I noticed that the top eyelets on each shoe weren't properly punctured all the way through. I had to use a tool to poke the eyelets open so I could finish lacing up the shoe. Other than that the actual construction quality seems very high. Definitely give these a try if you're looking for a comfortable TT shoe that's cheaper than equivalent butterfly or mizuno shoes.