Tibhar Clean Fix Glue

Brand: Tibhar
Type: Glue

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Water-based, VOC-free, according to ITTF guidelines. Easy-use glue can be applied on blade and rubber thanks to a sponge applicator. Relatively fluid glue which requires a drying period of about 5 minutes depending on the environment. Recommended to apply one layer on both blade and rubber.

25g bottle with sponge applicator for 3 to 4 bats.

ALL WATER-BASED GLUES, including Clean Fix, must be kept between 40 - 104 degrees Fahrenheit (5 - 40 C.).
Dry and Played with in 10 Minutes!!!

I used this Glue and it worked Great!! it set in 5 minutes and i was playing with my paddle in 10 minutes. I will buy this product again for sure!!!

- kiel kilby, PA

Note from Paddle Palace

A comment on the post entitled Inconsistent Results -- it sounds like your glue got frozen at some point. A big drawback to the water-based glues of any brand is that if it gets frozen at any time-- on the UPS truck, in the back of your car, etc., then it is ruined. We are hoping that as the manufacturers continue their R & D to improve their water-based glues that a fix can be found.

- Paddle Palace, OR

Very strong

I actually love this glue. It is extremely durable and you wont have any problems with the rubber peeling. I find the applicator to be very easy to use. Just make sure you let it completely dry on both rubber and wood before applying together. Wish I could get more but they are sold out.

Inconsistent results

After I got my first bottle of Clean Fix, I loved it. It is so much easier to apply than rubber glue and it holds rubber pretty good. So I went and ordered the second bottle - month later when I finally started using it, it turned out to be filled with rubberized beige substance which cannot be squeezed out and cannot be used to glue anything (only watery foam appears when you squeeze the bottle). I am not sure if this is due to bad quality of the product or some other issue.

Tibhar Clean Fix Glue

First attempt to glue new rubber failed - whole perimeter of rubber inch wide fall from wood - only center of rubber stuck to wood. Second attempt was completely successful using press and more time, but when I had to remove rubber to tune it again it was removed with wood in spite of very careful try. So if it glued rubber successful most probably it will damage your blade when you want to remove rubber. Looks like it need special treatment or process for removal which I did not discover yet.

Hazardous to Health

Adhesion lasts for a long time...but very weak...similar to sticker...recommended for speed gluers....but man, I thought this is suppose to be VOC free, but all my friends and I get super headaches when we smell this stuff, this is even worse than spinmax.

Tibhar Clean Fix

do not buy this, better luck glueing with orange juice

Tibhar clean fix

I used this to glue on a new rubber and it never showed any signs of adhesion.