Tibhar Combi Sponge

Brand: Tibhar
Type: Cleaning Sponges

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The Tibhar Combi Sponge is a dual purpose cleaning sponge, which is ideal for cleaning and drying the rubber.

One side is made from artificial leather which is used to apply the rubber cleaner and remove dirt spots.

The other side is made from chamois leather which aborbs the cleaner surplus and leaves the rubber totally clean and dry.

Measures 12cm x 8cm.
Works great for me

I used the Tibhar Combo Sponge just now with the Paddle Palace Cleaner and it worked great for me, using both sides of the sponge. There was no lint left behind.

- Judy Hoarfrost, OR

Mixed experiences - good with some rubbers, not good with others.

When I first used this sponge my experience was that it left leather lint all over the rubber. Then I tried it on a different rubber, and it worked flawlessly. I think the reason people are having mixed results is probably because it works well with some rubbers but not others. A couple of data points from my experience: it works great with the Stiga Calibra Tour S but leaves lint all over the Hammond Pro Beta. I am using it with the Paddle Palace Rubber Cleaner with it. It does a good job of removing oil from both rubbers.

- Robert Grossman, MA

Best Cleaning Sponge

I disagree with the other persons comment. That guy was using the wrong side of the sponge. One side is meant for cleaning, the other for drying. I generally dont even use the drying side of the sponge, just wave my paddle back and forth for a second. When the sponge gets dirty you can wash it with hot water and dish soap to restore it to like new condition. I like this cleaning sponge over the Stiga and Nittaku cleaning sponges. Nittaku would be my second choice.

- Tony Goss, MO


I dont know if I am doing it wrong or what, but the sponge does nothing but leave little tiny chunks of leather and lint all over my paddle even when I cover it in cleaner. Terrible buy in my opinion. Go with the Nittaku cleaner sponge.