Tibhar Evolution EL-S

Brand: Tibhar
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 96
Spin: 97
Control: 69
Hardness: Medium



Tibhar Evolution EL-S rubber has high grip PRO top sheet, elastic medium-hard sponge, extremely high speed and maximum spin. The EL-S combines the enormous spin values of the MX-S with a completely new rubber surface and the power of the MX-P.

Tibhar created a stand-alone rubber in the evolution series, with a medium-hard sponge and a specially tuned pimple geometry, setting new standards in terms of elasticity. The EL-S gives sensational touch despite enormous dynamism and high spin values. Excelling at topspin, the EL-S offers high rotation and power in all game situations.
not durable

I've tried these EL-S rubbers on my Tibhar VS Unlimited blade for first time but these rubbers have disappointed me and will be my last time. This sponge is fragile and easy to be damaged after re-glued twice. In another word, large air bubble on sponge & rubber is not durable. this medium rubber felt like soft causing the ball bottom out soon which it gives not dwell time enough for loop, topspin, control. I found the Stiga Mantra H rubbers to be good durable, extra dwell time for looping & controlling better than Tibhar Evolution EL-S but spinning feel about the same.

- Cuong Nguyen, MN

The best rubber... for my game

Very elastic feel. Soft and yet fast enough for me (I consider my blade off+). Very responsive when top spinning and controllable at blocking. I avoid chopping. Basically for the game of loop-drive and block has excellent control. I think it would be good for an all-around game (another player) on either bh or fh. It's easy to get good spin on services. Also good for answering services with spin. So far the best rubber for my game.

- Ed., AL