Tibhar Fortino Performance

Brand: Tibhar
Class: OFF-
Speed: 87
Control: 78
Blade Weight: 85
Plies: 7w, 2c/d
Blade Thickness: 6.3
Blade Handles: FL, ST
Combo Price: $185.95
Material: Wood + Composite



Tibhar Fortino Performance is the offensive blade with the highest feel among the TIBHAR SUPER STRONG SERIES. This 9-ply offensive blade has power in any situation, but also an excellent ball-feedback thanks to its perfectly matched veneer combination.

Thanks to the use of the high-end fabric made from a combination of carbon and Dyneema® fibers, the world’s strongest fiber™’, the sweet spot is increased, vibrations are reduced to the minimum and the necessary stability and dynamic qualities are kept. The fabric was placed close to the core, so that this Fortino variant is perfectly suited to modern table tennis sports, enhancing speed, catapult reserves and the necessary control.

With pride Tibhar can say there is no other wood with this setup currently on the market. A real innovation, a fiber-reinforced attack wood of the latest generation, consisting of 9 layers and still relatively light and with great touch – TIBHAR FORTINO suits the offensive game and puts the emphasis on punchy but controlled attacking games!