Tibhar Prime Polo Shirt

Brand: Tibhar
Type: Polo Shirts



The new generation of table tennis clothes is finally available!

With the Tibhar Prime Polo Shirt, Tibhar has developed a new fabric that comprises the technologies of outdoor sports clothing and adapts them to the requirements of indoor sports. The result is a feather-light fabric which feels incredible, while meeting the many requirements inherent to indoor sports.

  • Fabric technologies that are used for outdoor sports clothing have been optimized and adapted to indoor sportís clothes
  • The stretch material allows for complete freedom of movement
  • Ultra-light and very comfortable
  • Perspiration is released to the surface of the fabric where it quickly evaporates
  • Form-fitting cut
  • High-quality zipper to adapt the collar width
  • Modern look

If you want to feel this comfort, you must wear this shirt... it is difficult to describe!