Tibhar Ronin CB

$89.95 $65.95
Brand: Tibhar
Class: OFF+
Speed: 97
Control: 61
Blade Weight: 87
Plies: 3w, 2c
Blade Thickness: 6.5
Blade Handles: FL, AN, ST
Material: Wood + Composite

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The Tibhar Ronin CB is a fast and offensive blade, the ideal weapon for the uncompromising attacking player. The carbon fibres guarantee the necessary stability and increase the sweet spot. Tibhar has integrated a new technology into the handle. S.AM - sensory amplifier - the player’s answer to his opponent’s shots. The intensity of feeling from this innovative design allows the player to respond instinctively giving improved shot selection and touch. The two outside soft veneers guarantee both sensation and acceleration; the carbon fibres give the right amount of balance and the Ayous centre veneer guarantees everything required for a direct and offensive game.