Tibhar Sigma Sensitec

$76.95 $49.95
Brand: Tibhar
Class: OFF
Speed: 95
Control: 60
Blade Weight: 85
Plies: 5w
Blade Thickness: 7.1
Blade Handles: FL, AN, ST
Material: All Wood

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The Tibhar Sigma blade is fast due to its especially glued plies but remains under good control thanks to the Sensitec system. Very precise and powerful strokes will be realisable thanks to the integrated Sensitec-Feeling and the resulting catapult effect of the ball.

Sensitec -- Feel the Difference!
The secret of Tibhar Sensitec technology resides in the shape of the grip. It is a revolutionary grip which presents unbelievable ball sensation. The heart of the grip is composed of 9 layers while the racket shape comprises 5 layers. This 5-ply racket shape distinguishes itself by its colour. It enters into the grip by about 35 mm. From that point on, the grip is composed of 9 layers all the way through to the end of the grip. This part of the blade distinguishes itself by a different colour. The combination of the 9 layers with the 5-layer racket shape is reinforced by the “Net and Feder” system. The 9-time glued heart of the grip does not swing as much as the 5-time glued racket shape.
Great While It Lasted

This Blade With Mark V 1.5 on both sides was great all-around. I was able to learn new chops and loops making my defense to offensive game far better, and it didnt take away my ability to use lots of top spin on returns. I was also able to return slams and smashes that I normally could not return. The only down side was when I hit it on the side of the table on a forehand return, the blade snapped right where the handle meets the face. Other than that the blade and rubber combo I had was great for the all-around offensive player!

- Trey, VA