Tibhar Volcano

Brand: Tibhar
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 70
Spin: 78
Control: 80
Hardness: Medium-Soft



This is a high quality Allround attacking rubber at a competitive price. But do not let the excellent price mislead you! Volcano is top-notch with its main characteristics of very good quality adhering surface and typical “characteristics” of rubbers made in Germany.
excellent allround

There is diference between old Volcano and new Volcano with new label Tibhar 74-020.I do not know but it seems diference in sponge or gluing between rubber and sponge.Volcano + is about 10% promoted to little faster and better consistency.I played both type and Volcano+ 74-020 is much better.This rubber is classic (non tenzor)and it is verry like Butterfly Sriver EL from past time but that is good with this rubber.And it is cheap (about 18 E),not expensive like Evolution and new Nimbus serie.This is rubber for active recreation player,and it is durable.Best suited for allround and control game with occasional attack.Block and contra smash against spin drive is excellent.It is verry control in receiving side spin and ammisly serve.Good control compensation on fast or power blade like old good Stiga Clipper(my Clipper is from 1993/94). BEST RATIO Price/Quality on market,try it


for a responce yes you do have to buy 2 sheets of rubber, and this rubber is not for beginners. nittaku micro should suit you well.

New Guy

Im just starting out. So would I have to order 2 or does one set come with rubber for both sides of your paddle?

What a rubber

From 1200+ US rated player to 1500+ in 2 months of using this rubber. Great speed on OFF- blade. Excellent spin and control combined. Get it while it is great value. It is still on my blades after one year of playing ans still looks excellent. Playing 3 times a week, by 3 hours !

- ErikaT Hong Kong, INT

But hey!

hey , but this is beginners and intermediates all-a-round rubber. It`s perfect for these sectore. I owe one and it`s pretty like Sriver


The speed and spin ratings for this rubber are extremely high, the rubber should be 6.5 and spin 7.