Wonderful World of Table Tennis - Sequel DVD

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This classic highlights production is a huge favorite. This must-buy sequel to "The Wonderful and Wacky World of Table Tennis" features two hours of exciting international competition highlights from 1991-1994. Demonstrates the greatest play of the sports' superstars in World and European Championships and Olympic Competition.

This DVD gives players and coaches the opportunity to enjoy this period's most incredible moments and to study the techniques of the champions in action.

Feature segments focus on various winning styles and the superstars who are the masters of each style:
*“Control Spinners” (Appelgren, Grubba, Qiao Hong)
*“Power Spinners” (Rosskopf, Fetzner, Persson, Ma Wenge, Kim Taek Soo, etc.)
*“Block and Smash” (Deng Yaping, Prean, Tazaki, etc.)
*“Counter-Drive” (Li Bun Hui, Keen, Struse)
*“The Defenders” (Li Gun Sang, Shibutani, Chen Xinhua, etc.)
*The Final Four”...Primorac, Waldner, Gatien and J-M. Saive demonstrate the individual styles and skills that placed them on the victory stand in 1993.

”Service Business”...with close ups and slow motion studies of the best serves in the game.

And just for fun… brief segments of unique and often hilarious moments that will leave you smiling:
”Swing and Miss”...”Candid Coaching”...”Nets and Edges”...”Circus Atmosphere”...”Hit Me With Your Best Shot”...”Racket Ricochets”...”Don’t Do This”...”Jump For Joy” ...”Ups And Downs”