Xiom Omega VII Tour

Item# RXO7T
Brand: Xiom
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 97
Spin: 98
Control: 67
Hardness: Hard



Xiom Omega VII Tour rubber has improved connectivity, with firm and solid grip and improved spin dynamics with the poly ball.

ELASTO FUTURA generation with CYCLOID made significant progress on the technical platform. DYNAMIC FRICTION has evolved to synchronize better with CARBO SPONGE and to give extremely powerful advantage for offensive play. New spin ratio per distance created the new equilibrium of speed & control. New generation has finally achieved True Professional Aggression.
Fabulous attack rubber

I've been playing with the Donic Z1 Turbo, which I love. Then I tried this rubber, and I find I like it better. It's a personal preference about the feel of how the rubber hits the ball. The Z1 Turbo is a very good rubber, and I still play with it once in a while. I would rate both rubbers just about equal. With the Omega VII Tour, I do find that the edges do fray easier than the Z1 Turbo, if you are a careless player like me; I tend to brush the rubber on the table occasionally while I play, and the Tour would show the worse for wear more than the Z1 Turbo. I am an all out attacker, and I'm so happy to be able to play with both the Z1 Turbo and the Omega VII Tour, even though the Tour is my favorite at the moment.

Eric at Pleasanton, Ca.