Xiom Vega Pro

$159.95 $109.95
Brand: Xiom
Class: OFF
Speed: 91
Control: 64
Blade Weight: 88
Material: Wood + Composite

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The Xiom Vega Pro is a five ply, 2 composite carbon veneer table tennis shakehand style blade. The racquet has good feel, and is offensive in speed. A new era racquet, the Vega Pro - is sensitive to the new plastic ball and is ready to enhance your game. Made with Jointless wood veneers which is a first for the table tennis industry. This adds extra stability and consistency.

Zephylium and X Carbon plies included. The thinner carbon layera reduce blade weight without reducing power or touch.

The Vega Pro is a new era racquet made in Korea, with strict product control, which ensures product consistency and performance. Each racquet comes with a removable T-Foil plastic layer to protect the top layer from scratching during packaging or transit. The removable T-Foil layer can then be used to protect the rubber sheet after it has been assembled.
Excellent Blade with great control, speed, & spin!

I've been using this blade for almost a year now. It's quite a shift for me from the all wood blade that I used Stiga Infinity VPS. It's a fast blade but with many gears of control. It's primarily designed for topspin more than blocking and hitting. It can be used for hitting as well for incoming topspin lobs, but you have to close the bat angle very deep or counter topspin back. This blade is also very light weight and with large head size 158X152mm. Personally, I think it's a bit faster than BT Viscaria that I tried with slightly better control. Altough, Viscaria can block or hit better in my opinion. It goes great with any German high tension rubber such as Donic Z series or the Xiom Omega series. I personally use the Xiom Vega EU for FH and XIOM Omega V EU for BH. Overall, this blade is amazing with large sweet spot, great spin, good speed, and excellent control and value. Highly recommend!

- James H, INT