Yasaka Balsa

Brand: Yasaka
Class: OFF-
Speed: 85
Control: 61
Blade Weight: 69
Plies: 5w
Blade Thickness: 6.2
Blade Handles: FL, AN, ST
Material: All Wood



The Yasaka Balsa wood. Strong outer veneer with inner Balsa makes this model one of the lightest Yasaka offers. Light but powerful with excellent control to support an allround game!
Blade weights of all brands and models will vary

Responding to the previous review -- blade weights of all brands and models of table tennis blades will vary, due to the nature of the natural materials they are made of. If a customer requires a specific weight range, Paddle Palace is happy to weigh blades to meet the stated preference. Not all weights are always available, but we can check for you. Just let us know!

Paddle Palace

wrong weight

It was supposed to weight 69 grams but it actually weighed 75 grams

Very maneuverable...

Very good to control and counterattack, I use my blade with maximun Tenergy 25, I feel very confident attacking inside the table, the combination of this rubbers and blade make my sevices more effective with a plus of spin. Sometimes I fell it a little bit slow or weak when I block a straigth shot out of the table.

good blade

i use my yasaka balsa with donic coppa jo silver. the wood has a nice feel. very good control. it is not a power blade,however,it has plenty of snap. if you dont have the correct tenichnic this blade is wonderful to learn on and use it for tournaments after. placement and attack could be done easily with it. your shoulder will thank you too. it is the lightiest blade.