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Andro Treiber FO OFF/S Combo Special

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Brand: Andro

This high-quality Andro Treiber FO OFF/S blade is offered as a Combo Special! The combo special includes this outstanding blade with your choice of two rubbers.

If you want to keep up with modern table tennis, a synthetic fiber-reinforced blade is an absolute must-have. The immediate passing of the impulse to the hitting hand, the direct transfer of the impact energy to the ball, as well as the wide and open tempo scale make this blade construction indispensable in modern times. Andro TREIBER offers all these advantages, with TXL Fiber directly under the Hinoki outer veneer. The Andro Treiber FO OFF/S offers you advantages with its directness at first balls on downspin, as well as in topspin rallies. The incomparably high ball throw caused by the Hinoki outer veneer is fun and means additional danger to your opponent.