Andro Hexer Grip SFX

Brand: Andro
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 90
Spin: 92
Control: 74
Hardness: Medium



Andro Hexer Grip SFX ... Magic Spin / Maximum Control

-Spin, feeling, tolerance, control.
-Create magic spin: The advanced, on-the-plastic-ball designed top sheet made of 100% natural rubber, allows maximum spin and magical trajectories.
-Experience maximum control: The soft high tech sponge of 40 achieves top rates in terms of control.
-Simple handling provided by excellent feeling: Ideal matching of sponge with small sized pores and the top sheet with maximised spin potential.
-For players focusing 100% in control.
Pretty Decent. Replaced my Tenergy with this.

Seems that my Tenergy rubber quality with the newer sheets dont last as long and throw angle is not the same so I decided to try Hexer. Price is fair and I am very pleased with the quality of spin and control. I use for forehand and am now ordering 2 more sheets with different sponges to try out. Am 2300 level player so hope this review helps others. Hopefully this lasts awhile.

- Kit J, FL