Butterfly Amultart ZL Carbon

Brand: Butterfly
Class: OFF+
Speed: 97
Control: 58
Blade Weight: 86
Plies: 3w, 2c
Blade Thickness: 7.0
Blade Handles: FL
Material: Wood + Composite

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The Amultart is a hybrid of Butterfly’s industry leading Carbon Technology with their new ZL fiber. The resulting blade has great speed, but holds the ball a little longer than the normal carbon fiber making the production of heavy topspin easier.
Best blade ever owned

I was little hesitated to purchase this blade at first due to cost, but I am glad I did. This is the best blade I ever owned. Good power and control, best part it is no vibration. I can loop the ball from short to mid distance no problem. I use H3 Provincial FB and Stiga Calibra LT Spin BH. This combination seems to fit me well. This blade worth every penny.

- K Y, CA

ST handle

Why no ST handle?

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This blade is best with softer rubbers

I forgot to offer my humble opinion as to why Amulart doesnt produce enough spin for the first reviewer. In order to get good dwell time, fast blades like this must be used with softer rubbers. If you put rubbers that have a very tough topsheet and harder sponge, e.g. Bryce Hard on Amulart, the combo wont work well for looping or even hitting. So, dont judge the book by its cover and dont buy TT stuff based on specs alone. In summary, the Amulart needs a softer rubber like Tenergy, Nimbus reg/soft, etc. to create killer-spin. I wouldnt recommend to use it for fast close-to-table attack with this blade since the throw angle of this blade with, say Tenergy is medium high, which makes it harder to land the fast attack from close unless you are very skilled. Another tip for those who want a ton of spin from close to table - use Chinese tacky rubbers with fast blade. Non-tacky rubber without speed glue wont rival the speed and spin of hard sponged tacky rubber. PPMAN from Toronto, Ontario

- Ken Szeto, ON

Great Looping Blade

Im a two-winged looper who uses spinny loops to attack/counter-loop from 3-15 away from table. My other blades are all faster carbon jobs - Premorac Carbon PC, Schlager Carbon SC, Iolite... Compared to these blades, Amulart isnt as fast, and with better dwell time. I can feel the ZLC fibre layers afford the ball to stay on the blade a little longer, creating more spin yet with better control. It works great with Tenergy rubbers for looping. My loops from 10 out has tons of crazy spin, more than all other blades Ive used so far. However, what it gains in spin, it gives up in top end speed. My max effort loop-drivers arent as hard as from PC or SC, but it makes up for it with very heavy spin. If you like to hit, smash, and punch block close-to-table, this blade may not give you the speed like the other true Off+ carbon rigs. But if you graze the ball a lot, this one is for you. In terms of value, Id agree $180 is a big price tag. If bang for the buck is what you look for, PC will get the job done for half the price. Then again, the quality and workmanship of Amulart is among the finest money can buy. To recap, this blade is for looper who ventures beyond 3 feet from the table. It isnt a true Off+ blade and it isnt for fast attacking type either. PPMAN - Toronto, Ontario

- Ken Szeto, ON

More power than finese

Extreamly fast and fairly hard blade; generates more speed than spin; expensive mistake believing that this is a good blade for a close to the table looper with agresssively spinny serves.