Butterfly Challenger Attack

$37.99 $36.09
Brand: Butterfly
Rubber Type: Short Pips
Speed: 78
Spin: 73
Control: 82
Hardness: Medium



Ideal for the pips-out player looking for more spin variation as well as easy control over the opponent's shots. Produces more spin than normal pimpled out rubbers. Used by US Women's Champ Gao Jun.
Top Quality Pips

Great on Back Hand. Control your opponents serve and attack their weak spot. Great for over the table blocks, controlling the ball, pushes, you can even loop with this rubber close to table. Use a spinney rubber on FH and this for BH and you will have a great allround weapon. Good control with very good spin for an SP rubber. 5 Stars.


Old Butterfly guy

Been playing Butterfly Challenger for 20+ years. Responds and plays just as the description says. Super for the defensive player looking to diffuse any type of junk your opponent throws your way but is no slacker when you want to change it up and go on the offensive. Have really loved it for years and it has never let me down. Have always played the 1.9 on home made blades and it's killer! Get it and go have fun!

- Sam, OR