Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC

$184.99 $157.24
Brand: Butterfly
Class: OFF
Speed: 91
Control: 67
Blade Weight: 88
Plies: 5w, 2a/c
Blade Thickness: 6.0
Blade Handles: FL, ST
Material: Wood + Composite



The Butterfly Harimoto Innerforce ALC blade is developed with and used by Tomokazu Harimoto. It is similar to the Innerforce Layer ALC with moderate speed and the "feeling of grasping the ball", although the blade size was designed slightly larger.

It is a blade that supports aggressive forehand and backhand play.
Beautiful, punchy, controllable

IMHO this is the most beautifully designed blade from Butterfly. It also happens to be amazing to play with. I am cycling between Victas Koki Niwa, Zhang Jike ALC and this one - all with Tenergy 05 rubbbers. Out of this lineup, the Harimoto is the slower and more controllable - very similar to my Innerforce ALC-S. I probably prefer the Zhang Jike ALC (which is also $50 cheaper), but any of these blades work very similarly once you get used to them over a few weeks of play. Great for short to mid table play, great spin, fast when you need it, great in touch play.

- Heathrow, CA