Butterfly Primorac Carbon

Brand: Butterfly
Class: OFF+
Speed: 95
Control: 56
Blade Weight: 88
Plies: 3w, 2c
Blade Thickness: 7.1
Blade Handles: FL
Material: Wood + Composite



This is the Carbon blade designed and used by Zoran Primorac. Combines Carbon and Cypress plies for power play. Along with the Sardius, considered Butterfly's fastest shakehand blade. Hinoki outer plies, balsa center ply. Compact head size.
One of the best

This one is one of the best ever made. Price is affordable. You can not go wrong with this blade. Any rubber can fit that blade. Very low vibration, good speed and spin if you use fast and spiny rubbers. 10/10 blade.

- Bill Petrovic, IL

An ACE Paddle

I own almost all offensive + and top of the line paddles from Butterfly but this is the best I had that fits my style and offensiveness aside from its very reasonable price. Pair it with Tenergy 64-FX (max) and Tenergy 25. Superb combination. Highly recommended! An ultimate toy.

- Alex, CA

Ay Chiwawa! the best offensive paddle money can buy!

My brother from Oregon gave me this paddle as a gift. I gave him money more than the cost of the paddle for I feel blessed with the performance and improvement of my game. Tenergy-FX baby! Have to have the right rubber combination.

- Ivan, CA


Es muy buena

- walter jarquin, FL

Play like a Champion

I began playing in clubs about 5 years ago now. When i first arrived, I was your standard newbie - got my paddle at Dicks. A few months in, I decided to purchase this paddle and with the combination of the Tibhar Rapid D.TecS MaX rubber, I have enjoyed unsurpassed power and spin. I notice in a lot of reviews- people mention speed. I say whats speed without power. I have enjoyed this paddle without question- solid core, light weight. I should mention, I am an offensive player that enjoys a fast game but will generally win due to nature of my spin game. That being said- I recommend this paddle ***** for medium to advanced players that enjoy an all-around blade with the perfect combination of power, spin, and control.

Shawn MacDonald