Butterfly Sriver EL

Brand: Butterfly
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 78
Spin: 80
Control: 80
Hardness: Medium



Sriver EL combines SRIVER's top sheet with a medium-soft elastic sponge. Do you prefer a hard or soft sponge? If you like a hard sponge, then you can choose the "normal" SRIVER. If you prefer a soft one, then SRIVER-FX is ideal for your play. But, if your requirement is in between the two (and this is where most of the top players are placed) then Butterfly recommends the SRIVER-EL.
Good Allround Rubber

Good for developing or players seeking control. Good for BH on very fast carbon blades for pinpoint blocking at moderate-fast speed. A very allround rubber with good durability.A bit slower than regular Sriver with a pinch more spin.



This was my first FH rubber for my first real racket. Im a penhold player and I love this rubber, its great for getting your basic strokes. When building rackets, either Sriver, EL, or FX has always been atleast one of my rubbers. Great solid rubber that will help you develop into a much better player, and will teach you exactly what type of player you are. If you wanna make a safe decision, go with this rubber.

- Keith, TX

I have found the rubber for my FH

I have been playing for more than 10 years and tried more than 20 rubbers for my forehands. I came to a conclusion that Sriver EL is the best rubber for my style offensive and control. I would say 5 star for looping/smashing/flick. 3 stars for serves. The rubber itself seems very high quality and durable. It has a grippy surface not sticky at all and the spondge hardness is just right. It can be used to chop as well as adding sufficient spin when serve.

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