Butterfly Sriver FX

$32.99 $31.34
Brand: Butterfly
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 77
Spin: 81
Control: 80
Hardness: Medium-Soft



SRIVER-FX combines the traditional SRIVER rubber surface with a softer, more elastic sponge layer. This combination allows the modern topspin attacker to produce greater spin variations and still generate good speed with the addition of speed glue.
excellent and variable

does not have as much power as sriver has, but has good spin and medium speed, with a slightly tacky topsheet. with this rubber, a beginner can learn the proper strokes, like all kinds of loops and pushing, as well as chopping and smashing. you have to work to get the most out of this rubber, which is good. not overly sensitive to spin. highly durable. good for use on a medium-to-hard blade, because softish blades will make ball contact feel mushy. the rubber for all and any playing style. you get what you need for the basics, but nothing more. i use it on a joo se hyuk blade, and it pairs well with the feint-soft on the other side. a great buy, the only downside is the price tag, but even that is fine with me.


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