Butterfly Super Anti

$27.99 $26.59
Brand: Butterfly
Rubber Type: Anti Spin
Speed: 57
Spin: x
Control: 86
Hardness: Soft



Butterfly Super Anti has a low friction topsheet designed to produce a no-spin ball more commonly referred to as: dead, knuckle, slime, junk, cheese, or %$#@! ball! Effective when used as part of a combination racket with a more attacking rubber on the opposite side.
Been playing with Butterfly Super Anti for years !!

I have Butterfly Sriver EL on my forehand and Butterfly Super Anti on my backhand. I started playing with Butterfly Sriver Killer on my backhand in 1977 with Butterfly Super Sriver on my forehand and after 6 months of intense practice withe the Butterfly Sriver Killer on my backhand become one of the top players in the country I grew up in !! Remember in those days the color was the same on both sides and you could flip the paddle !! I changed to Butterfly Super Anti and Butterfly Sriver EL in 1999 when I started playing in the USA. I primarily stay up at the table and block or chop very close to the table on my backhand. If the ball pops up I can it very hard with the Anti in any direction. The Super Anti helps to return all the difficult serves of the modern game. The Super Anti provides an automatic variation of pace and spin that gives players problems and usually gives me an easier ball to attack. When the ball went from 36mm to 40mm all the other players at the club changed to pips however I continued to play with the Super Anti. I can counter hit with the Super Anti on the backhand. It will take time to get used to, however if anyone wants to try something very different, try Butterfly Super Anti as long as you also have a powerful rubber on the forehand with a good forehand attack to complement the Super Anti. Be bold and try Butterfly Supper Anti !!

- Aharon Shapiro, CA

Pretty good

I havent played with other Anti rubbers, but I do know this rubber Freaking Works. On my Primorac 2000 penhold, I do not play reverse side topspin on my backhand rubber. Instead every now and then i flip my paddle and PUSH. That is all that is needed for this rubber, is PUSHING. Whilest playing, I have tried many times instead of chopping a ball back, or top spinning it with this Anti, Pushing actually makes a much better knuckleball effect, allowing the ball to wobble. I would certainly recommend this rubber to anyone looking for a defensive / tricky rubber. Though I do not use it every point, switching it up usually can get me atleast 3 garanteed points in a game. Just Push with it a little high, and usually it will bait your opponent into smashing it straight into the net, otherwise they will try to be smart and loop it off the table. Either way, its effective

- Keith Willson, TX

Excellent Deceiver

Great for my forehand chops, and the occassional kill, and Im always switching sides with a Stiga MkV/ or Juic Driva Smash on the other side. First time I play most players below 1600 they cant handle my first fast top/side spin serve, followed immediately by the dead serve, nearly always end up in the net.

- Kev K, WA

funny rubber

kills spins top/under very effectively, the return speed is something else, total dead ball in return, and not only that, it floats, must say with drive smash its pretty hard to control. Totally killed the tempo of the game, it could probably get your opponent a few times, but once trick is seen, youll get smash in return. good weapon to deal with long pits though!

- peter, FL

no experience

being an offensive player, anti never entered my mind, but i tried this at a friends house. fun to play with, but you dont have a lot of options with anti.

- Alex U., MI

good rubber

Really good anti.I use it on Hallmark Auroro blade.It has good control and also you can attack with it more easily than LP.Spin reversal is very light but the ball wobbles frequently.FADIL OLGUNER