Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit

Brand: Butterfly
Class: OFF
Speed: 90
Control: 61
Blade Weight: 89
Plies: 5w, 2c/a
Blade Thickness: 5.7
Blade Handles: FL, ST
Material: Wood + Composite



Great for the European looping style of play. The Timo Boll Spirit has a good balance of speed and control.
top quality

This is very good blade for all kind of play. Can not go wrong with this blade 10/10.

- Bill Petrovic, IL

Timo Boll Spirit

When you consider that Paddle Palace will weigh the blade and deliver it at no additional cost, $121.99 is an excellent price for a quality product.

izzy listed


I started playing a year ago this was my first custom paddle. I used the calibra tour s. The racket turned out great. The sound is amazing and I have a lot more control than before.

Nacho Figuero

Butterfly Icon

This beautiful blade works with a wide range of rubbers from inverted to different pips. Build quality is exceptional with a great feeling FL and ST grips. Very solid feel upon ball contact with some flex for looping at all distances. Koto outer ply provides sharp top spin. Sightly heavy with Tenergy rubbers but the great balance makes this feel lighter. Highly recommended for players seeking a high quality blade that will stay with them for a long time. There are more expensive Butterfly blades but not necessarily better. Fast with good control and big sweet spot. One of the top 10 blades of all time. A Butterfly Icon.



I have used this paddle for some time and great on looping, offensive, mid blocking. You also have to remember that whatevercomment you give is based on how you play. it doesnt mean that its expensive it will improve your game. It is the player using the paddle that is the problem and needs improvement. Play always and thats what will make you improve even with a midrange paddle.

Power Loopers Dream

I purchased this blade about two months ago and paired it with Donic Baracuda. For me definitely a great fit. Im counter looping and mid-distance looping a lot better. Also Im working on my backhand loop, definitely has made it a lot easier for me. With this combo blocking, countering, pushing, counter looping, mid-distance looping and back hand counters and backhand looping has all improved with the last month. I highly recommend this blade to the player that wants to develop their game. Good Luck

- Carl Savage, OH

The Best Blade for Power Loopers

I have been using this blade since they came out about 10 years ago. I have used many blades and so far this is the best one i can find for my looping style of game. This is a power loopers dream blade.. it has great control as well. Its a perfect balance of speed and control.

not as good as i think

I am a 1800- 2100 rating player in the us. I tried this blade 4 years ago,the blade was from my friend, it was paired with hurricane 3 both sides, then was medium+ speed,good feel,flip ok,mid table looping speed and crol ok. But I bought one about one year ago from another retailer, I put the same rubber on it, it just doesnt have the same feeling. it feels slower and weaker on looping.


just a simple supply and demand, as Timo Boll rises on international level, all these wannabes suckered into these gears thinking this blade would help, hell no ! still all on users

- Maze, INT


Why is it that butterflys prices have been continually going up while other brands prices stay the same? this blade for example used to be $90, now $114? whats the deal?

No Anatomic Handle at Paddle Palace

This is a brilliant blade but Paddle Palace doesnt carry anatomic handle. :

there is a straight version

i have a TBS Straight version and recommend it to every serious player this is a great weapon in your hand

Gaf Bas

Excelent Blade!!!

Great blade at first i felt it was a little too bouncy but after few days using it you get the grip of it!!! I have been playing for three years table tennis and i personally recomend this blade to any player which wants to advance to a more serious play!! I use Sriver fx in each paddle side and expect to buy Tenergys really soon...

Ian Ostrander

Great BTY Blade

This blade is a loopers dream weapon Very well balanced with a big sweet spot. Large straight handle feels outstanding. This blade simply rocks! Fast with touch for the short game.


Timo Boll Spirit

The blade is a great quality blade but there is no straight handles to buy. I am disappointed in that there is no straight handle version. That is the only issue I am disappointed with. However it is a great blade to loop and counter drive with. It has the perfect of speed mixed with control and I enjoy playing with it. I would definitly recommend it to any looping player.

Outstanding blade for loopers

This is an amazing blade for looping, serving and control and attack spin play. It's also excellent for hitting. It has a large sweet spot for great feel, touch and control and also plenty enough speed to end points. It features carbon and acrylate, which with the wood plies offer a feel superior to the many other Buttefly, Donic, and Tibhar blades I've played with over the years. The handle is also exceptional (I use straight) because it's slightly squared off (not completely oval) which provides more support in the hand (I wear size L gloves). I have purchased 4 of these blades and recommend them to the students I coach. They are expensive but worth every penny. BTW I play with Donic Desto F3 2.5mm rubber on both sides (also excellent for loopers - no reglue required).

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