DHS TG7-P Penhold

Item# PCT7P
Brand: DHS
Class: OFF
Speed: 88
Control: 65
Blade Weight: 87
Plies: 7w
Blade Thickness: 6.5
Blade Handles: C
Material: All Wood
Type: 2-Side

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High pressure ballonet technology is applied to the DHS TG7-P blade. The integrative structure of the 5 interior timber layers form a "ballonet" which reduces energy waste and creates a fast offensive weapon.

Chinese-style penhold blade
Controlled but with POP

Played with a 5 ply racket before this blade. Everything was controlled, soft, and everything was stable. When I discovered this blade, it gave my rubbers more life/pop. The blade has some flex to it but the harder exterior layers just give the hit more POP which amazed me. I don't need carbon for the level I want to play at, nor do I feel like carbon is necessary. I love the feel this blade gives me and it does exactly what I want it to do. It doesn't get crazy in terms of sending shots outside the table and it goes where I want it to when I put in the right effort for a shot. The feeling I get when I make contact feels Soft but Tight. Not too hard, not too soft, but just right. Just think about a really flexible core that bends and flexes but then support it with two hard layers on the outside. It'll have enough rigidity for your hard shots while retaining the flexibility on touch shots. Overall, fantastic blade without carbon and I plan on buying again in the future. P.S. I'm not sure how I feel about the other variations of this racket but I believe they play the same way. I have a friend that also played with my racket and got the exact same blade in shakehand because it just did what she wanted it to do.

- Austin Lee, TX