Paddle Palace EZ PRO Glue

Item# GPEZ
Brand: Paddle Palace
Type: Glue



Paddle Palace EZ PRO Glue Easy to use, Easy to remove! Used and recommended by Paddle Palace!

This water-based glue is VOC-free and legal under ITTF regulations. This is the glue used at Paddle Palace for the gluing of all our custom paddles and we love it! Paddle Palace EZ Pro Glue is superior in how easily it is removed when changing your rubber. Any glue residue on the blade or rubber easily peels off.

Includes glue applicator kit with one reusable clip and 15 sponges. Available in 4 oz/118ml,  or 8 oz/236 ml

No shipping restrictions. Made in USA.

1) Apply uniform layer of glue to back side of rubber and to table tennis blade.
2) Wait until fully dry.
3) Adhere rubber to blade.
4) Cut rubber to fit blade.

Keep cap closed when not in use. Store at room temperature. Do not allow to freeze. If product is frozen, defrost the frozen container in hot water. If the glue defrosts at room temperature, it will not be usable.

More Gluing Instructions

Spare your fingers -- buy this!

Brilliant stuff! Best in the business! Other glues left my thumbs with blisters, trying to peel and rub them off the rubbers... the paddle palace glue took me literally 5 seconds to remove ALL OF IT from an entire sheet of rubber. It peels right off like a face mask, in one big sheet. Not even a piece of sponge tore off, either. It sticks the rubbers on perfectly as well, and is no problem changing from blade to blade should you enjoy experimenting as I do.

best water based I've used

I've tried a lot of non-voc glues... This one gives you enough time to spread evenly, plus allows some variance in overall thickness IF you want some. You do have to have some time awareness though (which is good except for the most novice gluers, unless you want to glue all day). Nice, solid grip... but doesn't ruin all your equipment when removing. Easy to use (and keep smooth) with OX rubber. Mistakes (mixed in wood chip, glue glob, missed spot, etc) can be fixed reasonably well and easily... which is rare among non-voc's. I really like it... enough to take the time to write this down.

- Dave, MI

Excellent Glue

Provides excellent bonding of blade and rubber. Easy removal of old rubber provided your blade is sealed with water based sealer. Old glue peels off easily from sponge. Price is a bit high but still cheaper than the other water based glues. 5 Stars


Finally, a great water-based glue

I have been gluing rubber to my paddles for years, but since the water-based glues became the only option, I have had irregular results with some brands. I know of some to remain unnamed top players who refuse to glue their rubbers with the water-glues and keep using rubber cement. The EZ PRO glue has a perfect consistency and didnt leave any bubbles underneath the rubber sheet, or irregular surfaces in the playing side of the rubber. ONE SMALL TIP Im not an expert, but this may help those that glue only occasionally: I apply the rubber from the container ON THE SMALL YELLOW SPONGES that come with the kit, rather than over the wood surface of the paddle or sponge side of the new rubber. This avoids bubbles, since it fills the little sponge with glue rather than air. Also, when you then apply pressure to extend the adhesive layer, it doesnt create bubbles into the glue layer. This eliminates air pockets and gives you more control in order to get a thin layer of the adhesive. I defer to the experts at Paddle Palace, but just wanted to share my experience. Again, another great PP product!

Jorge Cortese