Donic Acuda S3

Item# RDAC3
Brand: Donic
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 87
Spin: 94
Control: 72
Hardness: Medium-Soft



As with the other rubbers from the Acuda series, Donic Acuda S3 produces excellent spin. The very soft sponge increases feel and sound, and offers sufficient speed for powerful spin and a positive block game. Playing with Donic Acuda S3 will guarantee success and pleasure. It has a unique sound!

Sponge hardness: soft
Playing characteristics: spin-optimized, fast, paired with perfect sound.
Recommended for: Spin and allround players who require excellent control.

La mejor goma

Definitivamente escribiré poco y usted analice... La goma es sensacional, yo les puedo decir que he notado una tremenda diferencia con respecto a otras gomas del mercado. Se siente una sensación de control y giro increíble. Lo demás que lo haga el jugador.

With this rubber, my returns hardly require any effort

This is a great rubber. I ordered 4 different ones to try out, from the Tibhars and others, but I like this one the best. Will order more when budget permits. Amazing bounce on it, just the perfect amount.

- Chan, CA

Wow what a rubber!

The Donic Acuda S3 is simply the best feeling rubber that I have yet encountered. This rubber allows you to deliver a crisp attack with an instant feedback of sound that represents its quality. Looping with it is a simple pleasure. A must for the offensive player!

James Chambers

destodave turned Acudadave

Rating ~ 2150 - 2200 Have played with Desto F3 max and F3 Big Slam max for years and recently gave this a try. Started out with 2.0 as I read this was a little faster. Have to say the throw angle was still high for this rubber, but seems to be a little more spinny and slightly faster. If you like F3 or F3 Big Slam you will like Acuda S3. Feels very similar to both those rubbers, just slightly more spin/speed. If the rubber lasts a little longer than this is my rubber from now on.

- Dave, IN