Donic Baracuda

Brand: Donic
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 90
Spin: 94
Control: 70
Hardness: Medium



The Rubber with vicious spin!
Donic Baracuda rubber with built-in speed glue effect produces fantastic spin. The ball leaves the blade in a noticeably higher arc, giving considerably more spin. The increased rotation of the ball stabilizes the shot and increases speed.

Shot accuracy is visibly improved even for top players. Baracuda offers that extra margin of safety and touch even in the tightest situation.

In addition, Baracuda's top rubber surface has been newly constructed to be more durable than similar rubbers, resulting in more playing hours with a surface that is less prone to damage.

Excellent rubber,very good for backhand,not to fast, easy to control,excellent ball grab so if have weak backhand like I do it will help you alot.I forgot to mention its very durable will last you long time.



Response to Alex U. question - regarding SPONGE HARDNESS ON DONIC BARACUDA, NITTAKU REFOMA AND NITTAKU HAMMOND X - ALL THREE HAVE SAME MEDIUM SOFT SPONGE. You can look upf this info using the Paddle Palace Palace CHART. The SPEED, SPIN AND CONTROL, however, DIFFER SUBSTANTIALLY: DONIC BARACUDa: speed 91, spin 98,contr 71 HAMMOND X speed 94, spin 96,contr 72 REFOMA speed 90, spin 95,contr 76

- Ron, FL

Great controlled FH rubber

I have played few donic rubbers and compared to them , including Acuda S3 and Tenergy 05, for my style of controlled looping FH - i love this rubber on 2.0 Red. This rubber isnt fast like other tensors , which is the reason why i love this , it lets you have a controlled spin loop. It also played linear in terms of speed on my FH like other natural rubber. Close to the table push and drop shots are so great. I also tried gluing it with haifu and loved the feel and speed.  Can anybody comment about the life of this rubber ? saved 1 star - NS

- Niranjan Sivaraman, TX

Great spin rubber !!

the donic baracuda is a great rubber for those looking for control with perfect spin. i played this rubber initially in FH and BH. now i use it for BH only. my BH has improved a lot using topspins. its difficult for my opponents to control my spin game from my BH. if tenergy 05 is expensive for you, this is a perfect alternative to tenergy. i use tenergy 05 on my FH and its the same feeling. another important aspect of this rubber is that it has fantastic speed glue feeling like tenergy. so i recommend this rubber for anyone looking for spin and control. you can also you this rubber on your FH if you use power on your FH. its a gr8 rubber

nigel snell, Sierra Leone

the power-lifter

Picks up those low straight shots,those are the ones that get away. The arc always seems to make it over the net. The spin sick even on serves. Chops are loaded and and low. Works with all stroke types. Awesome power when needed.

- Jay, MD

Spin and Speed

The first day I used it, I loved it. It is great for push and chop. Looping, I need to get adjusted. Once the ball is hit hard, it is goner.

- CS, KS

Backhand Weapon

This rubber has a very high throw and very good grip. This has more spin than any rubber Ive used. The chop, loop, and topspin drive are very good with Baracuda. This is a very versatile offensive rubber, which I love for my backhand.

- Alex U, MI

Great spin and control

This is the best rubber that I had ever use since I started to play ping pong. It has a lot of control, feel, spin and very forgetting rubber. Excellent



I recently bought this rubber 2.0 on bh and 2.5 on fh. I can say that, coming from nittaku hammond x, the speed was far less, but the spin was incredible. The lack of speed gives more a bit more control when looping off both wings. It is great for serves and my short game has improved tremedously. Despite the slower speed, I can say that this is the best rubber I have ever used.



this is a great BH rubber

Excellent spin...

I have Bracuda on my backhand, and it has worked wonders with my backhand loops and chops. I have often out-chopped the competition. Even with all the spin its not out of control either. This is my first time buying a rubber by Donic and I am thoroughly impressed. Try it out for yourself!


this is a question, not a review. does any one know how hard baracuda is compared to hammond X or refoma? im really interested in baracuda, but id like to know how hard its sponge is relative to either of those other rubbers.

Alex U

Great spin and good durability

I have previously used Donic JO Platin Soft and looking for something else more spinny and durable. Been playing with this for about 2 weeks, 10-15 hours, on my FH. My first impression: it is clearly slower than the Platin, however the spin is just great. You can generate as much spin as your racket speed can physically get, something only seen with Tenergy 05. The rubber is still in great shape, it is much more durable than any other Donics. I just wish that it was a bit faster.



Very spinny rubber, yet not tacky! Find it to be a little bit slow. The speed rating should be more of 8.9 than 9.1, but will continue to use this rubber combined with a fast blade to get a ferocious kick off the table when hitting a hard topspin drive.