Donic Bluefire M2

Item# RDBM2
Brand: Donic
Rubber Type: Smooth
Speed: 91
Spin: 94
Control: 70
Hardness: Medium



The Blue Miracle! Donic's Bluefire is a completely new rubber development offering top speed. A high-tech generation of rubbers in the proven Formula FD3-technology has been developed as a result of the perfect combination of the large pored blue sponge with an extremely spinny top surface rubber. The top rubber with its small, long pimpled-in structure lends the rubber the best possible flexibility and sensational feeling. Above all, the Bluefire is unbelievably fast with a characteristic high arc when top-spinning that enables maximum spin and increased speed.

DONIC Bluefire M2:
Characteristics: Excellent balance between speed, catapult effect and feel.
Recommended for: Players who like to play with Medium Hard rubbers and attach high importance to spin and speed with optimum feeling.

Goma de gran giro y control

Esta goma tiene la particularidad de generar una gran velocidad por impacto a la bola, también utilizando la técnica correcta puede demostrar un gran control a los envíos de sus oponentes sin dejar de sentir la sensación de giro otorgada a cada respuesta defensiva.


5 stars when new

I found it very versatil when new. Good for the short and mid distance games as well as the posibility of changing the spin easily in a rally. Then it lost grip due to the tops friction wore out and the short game ability was gone somewhat. Still a 4 stars rubber but no longer that good for an all-around game. Now is good for drive and loop-drive away fm the table and spinney fast services. For the short game this rubber needs a better player. I use it on a 10 mm j-pen

- eduardo, FL


Es la mejor, te da mucho control a la hora de hacer bloqueos, genera mucho spin, muy buena velocidad es genial para bloqueos de top spin, no se siente, es mas se pueden matar los top spin acomodando done uno desee, te da una seguridad muy buena, es genial de un juego ALL round pasas a un juego Ofensivo y con mucho control para ti, no asi para el contrincante, si la armas en una madrea OFF- es fantastica para ambos lados. * It is the best, it gives you a lot of control when it comes to blocks, generates much spin, very good speed Its great to top spin locks, do not feel, is more the top can kill spin accommodating done you want, gives you a very good security, its great game ALL round raisin an offensive game and with a lot of control for you, so not for the opponent, if the weapons in a blade OFF - is fantastic for both sides.

- Jose Pando, INT

Donic Bluefire M2

This is an amazing rubber! Had tremendous speed and spin surprisingly I found it has more control then 68. I think it had 76 in control. I got it in a black 2.0 thickness.

- Darren Dorscheid, AB