Donic Cayman

Brand: Donic
Class: ALL+
Speed: 80
Control: 76
Blade Weight: 70
Plies: 5w
Blade Thickness: 9.2
Blade Handles: FL, AN, ST
Material: All Wood



Great all-round blade with good feel! Light in weight, with high rigidity and excellent control. Hard outer plies make the Donic Cayman especially suitable for players using short or long pimples. Blocking and counter attacking become more deadly and more troublesome, especially when using long pips. No matter what your rubber surface, Cayman provides amazing control, with no lessening of speed, permitting the player to attack and defend and enjoy his game.
Love it

If you like control and have a strong looping game then I recommend this paddle. I always come back to the cayman between trying other paddles. It is light and has a good feeling when looping. Recommend tenergy or neo for fh and tackyness chop for bh.

Long pips player will love this blade

Thick balsa blade. Not oversized. Superb touch. Its rated ALL+ but plays like an OFF blade. Ideal with OX long pimples as the dwell time is minimized by the hard outer surface, making the ball bounce rather fast. Definitely coducive to spin reversal.

Just as described but even better.

Due to the BALSA core, this blade has great touch. Speed is ideal for using LONG PIPS. Not too fast, to allow good control. The flared handle is thicker then the average blade but surprisingly comfortable. Extremely light, making twiddling easier then ever. I have tried several Dr. Neubauer blades, and eventhough the Donic Cayman is priced much lower, it has comparable quality craftsmanship.